About Rise at Dawn


To inspire, create and share clothing that represents something. Whether it be an emotion or a feeling, relatable and alive, to help create moments that matter.


A world which we all seek inspiration. A world free of malice or ill tempered manner, open to curiosity and question. A free world of both expression and acceptance. A place we feel safe and at home. Where your ignorance is seen as childhood misunderstanding. Where mistakes are forgiven. A place we can grow and meet at most common of understanding. A self sustained environment where anyone can be themselves.



  1.      Slow down, have fun and grow – we’ve got to enjoy the process, the speed bumps, the hiccups, even the major $/!@ ups. Let’s be on the search for improvements in everything we do and enjoy how we get there!
  2.      No B#ll$h!t – empty your mind from all the bs, the overthinking, and lets just be honest, respectful and truthful in our intentions and communication. It’s that simple!
  3.      Be relatable and passionate – look… sure, we want to be the perfect, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. What we really want to be is relatable to our customers, so that we can help them express themselves in everything they do. Let’s share that passion!